Three great reasons to try Saturo

Balanced Nutrition

Each bottle provides 25% of all micro
and macro nutrients your body needs.

Always Ready to Drink

Saturo bottles are always readily available in
your fridge or whenever you get hungry.

Sustainable and Vegan

A sustainable meal that is good for you
and the environment.

Choose your perfect meal replacement

Chocolate V2.0 (330 ml)
2,25 € / bottle

Its smooth texture combined with the rich chocolate flavour from organic cacao makes it a unique meal replacement.

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Vanilla (330 ml)
2,79 € / bottle

Tastes like vanilla,
smells like vanilla.
It’s Saturo Vanilla!
For a short time only.

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Strawberry (330 ml)
2,79 € / bottle

It’s fruity,
it’s fresh,
it’s Saturo Strawberry!
For a short time only.

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500 ml + Taster Pack

Original (500 ml)
2,99 € / bottle

A subtle, fine and natural taste you won’t get tired of and this without additional sugar, sweetener or artificial flavours.

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Coffee (500 ml)
3,29 € / bottle

You wish for more than a meal?
The extra boost in caffeine makes it your favourite to start your day.

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What our customers have to say

Delicious, vegan, lives up to its promises, made in Austria – what more could you ask for?

I was looking for an alternative to milk and cereal in the morning. Since I have Saturo in the morning, I feel much better. It is really very well tolerated, and one is satiated at least 3 hours, rather 4-5h.

I also tried it for lunch and dinner – works great. Above all you have a pleasant feeling of fullness – not too much nor too little but in no case the typical ‘feeling overeaten’!

My only problem with Saturo is that my husband always drinks the chocolate version before I get a chance to 🙂

Alexandra C. / Software Engineer

Why Saturo? “Well, because it works!”

But what should work specifically? Will I become slimmer, wiser, faster, fitter, more potent? Not necessarily, because Saturo does one thing best: it satiates you – in a healthy way.

This may sound unspectacular, but this is exactly what I need. It helps me optimize my marathon training. Often, I used to not eat anything before training, because it would be heavy in the stomach. Here Saturo is ideal. Especially before long runs or a marathon the perfect meal.

Saturo helps me to achieve my goals by satiating quickly and gently – I still have to run and think myself, but it has never been easier!

Michael W. / marathon runner

Saturo keeps me going for a long time!

I like to start into a long working day with a bottle of Saturo. Just take it out of the fridge, pour it into a cup and drink it.

For me that lasts till lunch break. I can skip preparing breakfast and it feels like I have eaten something healthy. It doesn’t stress my stomach but keeps me going for a long time.

My body can handle Saturo very well. My favorite is Coffee. I highly recommend it!

Petra I.-R. / Managing Director

A healthy time saver!

Just letting you know that I’ve just finished my first taster pack and I loved it!

My favourite is the coffee one as it feels like a complete breakfast. I’ve been mainly using them in the mornings and they’ve been a huge help and improvement to my morning routine. Not worrying about putting together a healthy breakfast helped me get to work earlier than usual and gave me more energy throughout the day.

Maria C. / Software Developer